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It has never been easier to cut, slice and core pineapple fruit all at once. Our Pineapple Slicer and Corer allow users to cut and penetrate the pineapple fruit. With it's ergo dynamic design and detachable handle, the blades of the Pineapple slicer pierces through the pineapple fruit like butter. As you turn the handle and practically drill through the fruit, the turning blades will slice and create perfectly, ringed slices of pineapple. Once the blades reach the bottom, they will act as as a platform to raise the pineapple fruit directly out of it's shell. Once the pineapple is out of it's shell, simply press on the detachable button latch at the top of the hilt to release the pineapple fruit. 

Just cut the top off your pineapple, pierce the Pineapple Slicer and corer from the top, and give it a turn. Once you’re done take out the slicer and you’re left with aesthetically pleasing slices of pineapple the entire family can enjoy!

No abrasive skin. No peeling. No chopping. No hassle.

Industrial grade: stainless steel blades cut through pineapple easily and efficiently 

Simple to use: users can just turn the handle upon puncturing pineapple until blades reach the bottom. Cuts perfectly round spiral slices of pineapple that are fun to eat and share

Time Saver: Saves a ton of time from having to chop, skin and peel pineapple 

Dual Usage: Prepares pineapple fruit into shareable pieces, while also leaving a hollowed shell that can be reused for Hawaiian pineapple fried rice, Hawaiian pineapple cocktails, or any other specialty beverage and dessert utilizing hollowed pineapple shell. Ringed slices of pineapple are perfect for Pineapple Upside down cake and any other recipe utilizing fresh pineapple fruit

No abrasive Skin: The pineapple blades are measured at the perfect radius to cut through pineapple fruit without incurring abrasive skin tags on the outer ring. 

Easy to clean and assemble: Pineapple slicer and corer attaches and comes a part easily. Tube can be cleaned out with water and soap. No knives or peeler needed. Just a butter knife to cut top of pineapple head.

Multi-Use: Blades are sturdy enough to cut through not just pineapple but watermelon as well. 

Size: Height 23 cm / (9.05"), Width 10 cm/ (3.93"), Tube Dia 4cm / (1.18") 

Package included: 1PC Color: Black/ Green /Yellow 

Material: Stainless Steel FDA approved

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