Oil Splatter Screen

$14.99 USD

Keep your kitchen stove, wall and coutertops oil free with this protective Oil Splatter screen. Made with heat resistant aluminum foil, the Oil Splatter screen offers three way barrier protection against oil splatter, effectively stopping oil and grime from reaching your wall and countertops.  The Oil Splatter screen is easy to use and clean. After cooking with oil, simply wipe the screen down with a paper towl or sponge and fold away for storage. 

The Oil Splatter Screen will not only save you a massive amount of cleanup time, but will preserve the cleanliess of the wall directly behind your kitchen stove / burner. No buildup of dirt or grim will reach your kitchen wall, saving you the hassel of having to clean behind your kitchen stove. 


  • Comes in 6 different styles, design and colors for personal preference
  • Folds out 3 ways and offers 3 screen, barrier protection against oil splatter
  • Made with heat resistant aluminum foil
  • Size: 33 - 33.5" x 15.35"
  • Will fit across any standard stove burner. Will also fit around portable, plug in burners as well
  • Can be doubled up to fit across 2 burners
  • Easy to store and clean:  can be cleaned up easily with paper towls or soap and water. Can be folded into itself for easy storage


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