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Nothing is more satisfying then a warm, delicious cup of coffee. Especially when it is  made with the perfection and convenience of a Nespresso coffee machine. Having to consistently replace plastic coffee pods though? Time consuming and a waste. Not only is this terrible for the environment, but it can also be quite costly to buy and refill coffee pods after making just 2 - 3 servings a cup each time.  That is why our 6 piece reusable coffee pod set for Nespresso coffee machines, are not only a more sustainable method for coffee brewing but is more cost effective in the long run as well.

This six piece set of reusable coffee pods are made specifically for Nespresso coffee machines. With these reusable coffee pods, consumers can fill capsules with 1-2 tablespoons of their favourite ground coffee blend. They can then insert their coffee pods into their Nespresso machines as they would a regular coffee pod. Once they've thoroughly enjoyed their brew, consumers can simply remove the capsule from the machine, empty out its contents, wash and reuse again. No plastic waste and less ground coffee wasted. 

  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Coffee pods are reusable and made with Propene polymer (PP), a non-toxic, food grade, recyclable plastic 
  • MADE FOR NESPRESSO: Capsules are sized and designed to fit all Nespresso coffee machines. REUSABLE: Reusable design is environmentally friendly and sustainable. Customer will have no need to replace used coffee pods by same company. Consumer will have choice of which brand of coffee they can brew. 
  • SPOON AND BRUSH INCLUDED: Set comes with a spoon to measure ground coffee pods and a brush to help clean the inner capsules.

Size: 36mm x 23mm x 26mm 

Material: Plastic

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Customer Reviews

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Milton Bartell

Easy to use, just be gentle taking it apart to clean it. Love how easy it is to use. Much easier to use than having to put a foil lid on it.

Mortimer Kuhic

cool, arrived to me in 2 weeks

Akeem Nicolas

it did not work i my coffe nespresso

Audra Bailey

Ótimo! Excelente custo benefício!

Jaron Nikolaus

Fast delivery, goods Super. seller respect

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