“In 10 years from now The Helpful Kitchen will be the top grossing provider of innovative kitchen tools  that will make food preparation easy, fun and convenient for passionate home cooks across North America”

-Our Vision

Do you love cooking? Or baking? So do we! But let's be honest. Cooking can feel like a chore. As avid home cooks know, there are some things about the food preparation process that can definitely be made easier. Not to mention, as much as we love preparing delicious meals for our friends and family, cleaning the mess afterwards is definitely NOT fun. 

We have spent many hours sourcing unique kitchen gadgets and products from suppliers that have spent years perfecting fun, sensible and innovative solutions for everyday meal prep and cleanup. 

The Helpful Kitchen's Mission

“For passionate home cooks who want to innovate their cooking, we provide helpful kitchen tools and products that will make food preparation a seamless and enjoyable experience. “ - The Helpful Kitchen, 2021

Our mission is simple. Create kitchens that are helpful. We want to get rid of the everyday annoyances that make cooking and meal prep feel like a chore. We want to help turn meal preparation into a FUN, EASY and PRODUCTIVE process for passionate home cooks across North America. 

To do this we provide the following: 

  • A focus on innovation and ingenuity. Every product is a solution. 
  • Ingenious items that will make food preparation feel seamless
  • Simple ideas that will make you spend less time cleaning and more time cooking!
  • Customer service that is fast, friendly and efficient
  • Unique items to help give your food creations flare and design
  • Free recipe, cooking tips and more! 
  • And definitely... affordable pricing.

Why choose The Helpful Kitchen? 

We choose our items very carefully. Not only do we make sure that every item in our store is unique and affordable, but we source from suppliers and manufactures that are reliable, efficient and LOVE the kitchen as much as we do. 

When you choose to shop with us you will see the difference. All of our items are so interesting and unique that you won't find them easily at your local grocery store or Wal-Mart. One of our most beloved products, the DIY rolling pins, are a best seller and it's not hard to see why. Not only are these rolling pins affordable and easy to use, but you only need to buy them once and you can make professionally designed pastries, in less then a minute! 

We want every customer to walk away happy, knowing that they'll be getting a truly unique and wonderful kitchen item at a great price. One way we do this is by covering the cost of shipping. All shipping from our store is FREE!!

With that being said, there's no reason to wait. Check us out and see how you can make the kitchen work for YOU!