Reusable Mason Jar Zip Lock bags

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Mason jars are a staple for any organized family kitchen, but as pretty as they look, they do have some drawbacks. Not only are regular mason jars big, clunky, and easily breakable, but most of them come with ring tops that are prone to rust. Not ideal for storing food.  High quality mason jars can also be quite expensive, running you at least $8.00 just for ONE decently sized. 

That is why we recommend these renewable and cost effective Mason Jar Zip Lock bags. These are made with a high density PE plastic that is thick, durable and flexible. They are each designed specifically to look like mason jars, making it perfect for those mason jar enthusiasts. The Zip lock bags seal in VERY tightly to ensure that food quality stays fresh for long periods of time. They are also stackable making it easy to store snacks on the go. You can either stack them on top of eachother or store them vertically depending on your kitchen space needs.


  • Easy to use: Easy to open and close, simply pull open as you would a regular zip lock bag. Push in the sides to make narrow opening even wider. 
  • Safe Material: These bags are made from PE, BPA free plastic that is non toxic, durable and reusable. BPA-free  will help  preserve food for longer periods of time. Material is extra thick and durable making it hard to penetrate.
  •  Airtight seal: The food storage zipper bags with mason jar design are your perfect travel and camping companion. They are ideal for protecting the freshness of a variety of snacks including but not limited to: fruits,veggies,crackers,cookies and sandwich etc. They are  leak proof, suitable for storing in bags and taking on the go. Airtight seal vacuum
  • Wide application: Mason Jar small bags (150 ML) suitable for keeping nuts, candy, chips or tea when you go for work, school, travel or camping.The medium and large bags suitable for keeping cookies, sandwich, biscuits and seasoning.The tall bags suit for keeping noodles and cookies. They are portable and durable. Airtight seal seals content in very tightly, making it good to marinade meats and veggies in. 
  • Package: 4 different set options.
    • 5PCS : 5 pcs at 11cm X 15 cm (150 ML / 5 OZ)
    • 10 PCS: 3 pcs X 11cm X 15 cm (150 ML / 5 OZ), 4 pcs X 14cm X 19.5 cm (500 ML / 17 OZ), 3 pcs X 17cm X 24.3 cm (1000 ML / 33 OZ)
    • 12 PCS4PCS X 11cm X 15 cm (150 ML / 5 OZ), 4PCS X 14cm X 19.5 cm (500 ML / 17 OZ), 3pcs X 17cm X 24.3 cm (1000 ML / 33 OZ), 1 pc X 10.5cm X 31.5 cm (500 ML / 17 OZ)
    • 20 PCS:  5 of each size 


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