Pancakes Served with Watermelon

Pancakes Served with Watermelon


A filling, delicious, sweet, and homey breakfast meal the whole family is sure to enjoy. Pancakes with watermelon are sure to add a unique and surprising twist to your summer breakfast and/or brunch. 

Some may see this as a strange combination. Pancakes with watermelon? But like anything in life, the most delightful surprises come from the unexpected. Pancakes served with watermelon is a unique and refreshing combination. The juicy, and refreshing taste of watermelon gently acts as a palate cleanser for the sweet and soft pancakes. 

To top off the delicious mound of pancakes, we added Camembert cheese, which adds a rich buttery and buttery component to the overall dish. If you don't have Camembert cheese, brie cheese would also make a fantastic substitute. Of course you can opt out of the cheese entirely and opt for regular salt butter instead, but we really feel the cheese brings this dish to the next level. 
To make these pancakes, we started by whisking two eggs together with sugar and 400 ML of milk. When runny and combined we added about 280 g or 1 1/2 cups of flour.  To that we then added, baking powder, salt and vanilla extract. 

whisk pancake batter

Once well combined again, we added about 80 grams of melted butter. We cooked the pancakes on a non-stick pan, roughly for 3 minutes on each side or until air bubbles started to form. We served them up on a platter and topped the mound of pancakes with watermelon, Camembert cheese and maple syrup. 

When we tried this recipe we couldn't believe how delicious the pancakes were when combined with the watermelon. The Camembert cheese, added a nice buttery and salty bite that complimented the pancakes deliciously. 

To add a bit of flare and fun to this dish, we used our heart shaped silicone pancake mold to perfectly cook the pancakes on each side.

 We strongly recommend giving this unique breakfast idea a try. Especially if you are looking for an unexpected way to incorporate more fruit into your morning meals. We had a lot of fun making the pancakes into hearts as well, so it certainly added a playful and heartwarming touch to this recipe. If you do decide, to serve your pancakes this way, our heart shaped silicone molds are available to purchase here.  You can definitely play around with the plating to spread the love.

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