10 Kitchen Tools You Need To Try

10 Kitchen Tools You Need To Try

When it comes to essential kitchen tools, there are many things that come to mind: a cutting board, mixing bowls, measuring cups, a food processor, the list goes on. There are many tools that you use in the kitchen on a daily basis, like your oven or your favourite saucepan. But there are also some pretty cool kitchen gadgets that really help when it comes to cooking efficiently.

If you're looking for awesome cooking tools that every home cook needs, you've come to the right place. These ten kitchen gizmos are definitely worth checking out if you're looking to elevate your cooking experience with new-school techniques and tricks.

Ultimate Veggie Prong Slicer

1. The Vegetable Fork Guide

This vegetable fork guide is perfect for cutting small, uniform pieces of vegetables. No more tomatoes sliding on your cutting boards and getting crushed by your serrated knife! This easy-to-use utensil makes cutting large vegetables easy while protecting your fingers from knives. The plastic handle creates an ergonomic design and the metal prongs are super easy to clean. If you're looking for an item that can help you make the perfect bite-size pieces for your slow cooker stew, you've found it!

Metal grater & peeler with plastic handle

2. 360-Degree Vegetable Peeler & Grater

This multi-functional peeler & grater duo is great for cooks who don't want to buy individual tools for specific jobs. The stainless steel blade peels, grates and shreds ingredients to a perfect consistency, making them ready for just about any recipe. This utensil allows you to prepare food without using multiple knives and peelers. This gizmo makes food preparation and cooking a breeze. The perfect item to add to your kitchen essentials list.

Leaf-Shaped Strainer

3. Snap Sieve Strainer

This snap-sieve strainer will soon replace any colander you have. This plastic straining tool snaps onto any small or large pot and strains the water easily. Use it for pasta, vegetables or rice and see the difference this innovative, untraditional colander brings to your cooking game!

4. Avocado Knife

This knife/slicer duo works to cut, pit and scoop out an avocado. Instead of using a set of knives and spoons, you can buy this one item to help prepare your avocado. If you often make a dish that would benefit from a few avocado slices, or if you're obsessed with avocado toast, this all-in-one tool is perfect!

Foldable Silicone Colanders

5. Foldable Silicone Colander

A well, organized kitchen is a happy kitchen. Often the greatest challenge of organizing our equipment is knowing where to store our bulkiest, most rounded dishware. Foldable equipment like our Foldable Silicone Colander  are an ingenious alternative to other kitchen accessories that only serve to take up needless space and cause needless clutter. Needless to say, any piece of kitchen that can easily be folded stored away like dishware, will always be welcome in our kitchen. 

Stainless Steel Hand-held Garlic Press

6. Garlic Press

This metal garlic mincer is dishwasher safe and helps mash your garlic before cooking. This utensil is perfect for replacing your chef's knife or blender since it minces and grates garlic perfectly simply by utilizing the weight and manual motion of your hands. It makes garlic small enough to whisk into a pasta sauce or bake with feta cheese and tomatoes. Whether you like large pieces of garlic or a fine mince, this press can help you reach the garlic-flavour you love.

Four-piece egg and pancake mould

7. Pancake & Egg Mould

This set of moulding utensils is perfect for shaping pancakes and eggs uniquely. It takes away the guessing game of measuring spoons and measuring cups and makes perfect pancakes on your cast iron skillet. Simply pick your desired shape, spoon batter into the moulds, flip it with the non-silicone handles, and voila! Perfect pancakes for your family breakfast.

 Stainless Steel Pineapple Corer & Slicer

8. Pineapple Cutter

Whenever people buy pineapples, they often forget the daunting task of cutting them up. Some people just cut the whole thing in half and use spoons to scoop out the fruit, but this gadget will save your cutting boards, knives and spoons. Simply place the stainless steel pineapple cutter on top of your pineapple, and push the tool down to your cutting board. This easy-to-clean essential kitchen item will help you cut up cups of pineapple in mere minutes.

Stainless Steel Pineapple Corer & Slicer

9. Utensil Rack and Pot Lid Holder

Have you ever been cooking and had to worry about where your pot lids or saucy tongs would go? This holder takes care of messy splatter from putting spoons on the counter as you cook while also holding your lids. It makes your cookware last and holds any whisk, spatula or ladle. Perfect for keeping a mess free countertop free from unwanted food residue. This is definitely an essential item for anyone cooking up a storm with messy and saucy ingredients!

Mandoline and Veggie Chopper

10. Ultimate Veggie Chopper & Mandolin

This new-school chopper and mandolin is hands-down one of the best tools you can buy. It cuts, chops and dices within seconds. With a clear base to see your ingredients, this mandolin lets you prepare vegetables in a quick fashion. It's one of the few multi-purpose utensils that help efficiency and actually works. Let the ultimate veggie chopper and mandolin replace your graters, slicers and dicers today. You won't regret it!

Redefining Essential Kitchen Tools

When it comes to new kitchen tools, there are a variety of options to assist you while baking, boiling or frying. These high-tech new-school utensils will help any home cook reach their full potential. Give these incredible gizmos a shot and see how they can improve your cooking experience! Whether you're making pasta, oven-roasted beef, or an Asian stir-fry, these gadgets can help you slice, dice, mould and cook your favourite meals with ease. Throw away your old cutting boards and measuring spoons, there are new utensils in town!

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